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A riotous, eight-piece troupe of gutbucket soul heroes, specialising in their own unique blend of bold, brassy soul, stomping R&B and ludicrous on-stage antics.  


Spearheaded by that whirling R&B dervish Mr Kenneth B Woode, our irresistible, barnstorming and faintly ramshackle sound  is laced with tricks, raps, routines and things getting broken.  And the occasional bum note.


It's not pretty, but it sho' is one hell of a party - so break out a fresh pack of industrial-strength odour-eaters and come on in!



Ken Wood and the Mixers: the musical

Amazing Stories of Blues and Soul is the Mixers' very own big stage show - a breathless musical journey to discover the roots of soul.  Featuring the Mixers' full seven piece line-up, it takes audiences from the acoustic blues of the cotton fields to the big, brassy soul of James Brown and Otis Redding - with the stories, the songs and a wild stage show that captures the raw energy of the early days of rhythm and blues.

If you'd like to find out more about booking the Mixers - or our incredible stage show Amazing Stories of Blues and Soul - you can contact us on 07456 934234, or email at

Needle - Ken Wood and the Mixers
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